Not all migrants. Not all men.

Quoting Voice of Europe:

7 May 2018

An 87-year-old woman was robbed and raped by a migrant in her apartment in Lyon, French news outlet Lyonmag reports.

The woman, who is living in the 9th district of Lyon, woke up in the night of 22 April. She was then raped for 2 hours and robbed of a ring, by a Moroccan migrant.

Police say the man was previously arrested for violent robberies but he was released every time after numerous arrests.

This time police traced the man through DNA evidence, as a sample was retrieved in the victim’s house. The migrant was arrested a day later, while wearing the stolen ring.

During the custody, the rapist lied about his age to the police, saying he was only 16 years old. Because the French legislation on unaccompanied ‘child’ migrants is soft on their crimes, it’s a common thing for migrant to lie about their age to benefit from it.

The illegal also tried to convince the police that the victim gave him her consent, before he was quickly rebutted by the evidence and the victim’s testimony.